Northwest Pipeline Downloads


Operationally Available
Displacement Requirements

Index of Customers

Index of Customers
Index of Customers - Tab Delimited
Customer Contacts

Standards of Conduct

Implementation Procedures


Critical Notices
Non-Critical Notices
Planned Service Outages
Waste Heat


Transactional Reporting

Capacity Release Report
Firm Report
Interruptible Report

Affiliate Informational Postings


Entire Tariff
Order No. 787 Non-Disclosure Agreement
2014 Maintenance Conference Call Presentation
TSP Capacity Offering Request Policy
Base Contract for Sale & Purchase of Natural Gas
Gas/Electric Communication Protocol
Gas/Electric Hourly Flow Rate
FERC Interest Rate

Shipper Advisory Board Meeting May 7 2013

      May 7th - Shipper Advisory Mtg
Shipper Advisory Board Oct 23 2013

      October 23th - Shipper Advisory Mtg
Washington Expansion Project

      12-130 WEP Open Season
      WA Exp Reverse Open Season 10-25-12
      WA Exp Expression of Interest Term Sheet 10-25-12
      Washington Expansion Project Update

Northwest Location to Pool Relationships

Northwest Location List

Customer Packet

Marketing Services
Customer Training
Commitment to Safety
Commitment to the Environment

2013 Customer Meeting

Unique Solutions Through Collaboration
Ed Brewer
Bentreck Market Update

WMS Chromatograph ID Numbers

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