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Critical Notices

Green River North Notice of Recall and OFO
Sumas CS - Pre M&ERP Maintenance
Underrun Entitlement Warning Lifted
Stage II (8%) Underrun Entitlement Lifted; Underrun Entitlement Warning Reinstat
Pegram ERP - Schedule Delay Update
Lewiston Lateral Force Majeure Completed
Line Strike near Colfax Meter Station
Stage II (8%) Underrun Entitlement North of Kemmerer
Banking and High Line Pack Notice
Jackson Prairie Maintenance Completion
Stage III (13%) Underrun Entitlement Lifted
Rangely Notice of Recall and OFO
Kemmerer Compressor Station Deficiency Period
Pegram and Lava ERP Update
Caldwell Repairs Completed Early
Pocatello to Burley Digs Updated Completion Date
Snohomish Compressor Station Updated Completion Date
Caldwell CS - Line Strike - Extended Outage
Snohomish Compressor Station Restriction
Caldwell CS Update
Chehalis CS Unit #1 Electrical Work - Maintenance Complete
Line Strike near Caldwell CS
Pocatello to Burley Digs and Oregon City CS ESD Test - Maintenance Schedule Upda
Sumner CS Electric Start System - Maintenance Complete
Stage III (13%) Underrun Entitlement North of Kemmerer
Vernal corridor hydro test maintenance complete
Chehalis CS Electrical Work and Sumner CS Electric Start System - Maintenance Up
Stage II Underrun Entitlement Lifted - Underrun Entitlement Warning Reinstated
Plymouth LNG Storage Unplanned Maintenance
Snohomish Maintenance completed early
Vernal Compressor Station Deficiency Period
Vernal Corridor Hydrotest - Maintenace Update/Reminder
Snohomish Compressor Station Declared Deficiency Period
Jackson Prairie Maintenance
Soda to Pegram Digs - Maintenance Schedule Update/Reminder

Key Contacts

AM: Jesseca Abbott
PM: Benjamin Zwirek



(713) 215-6301



Gas Control

North Desk

(713) 215-6949


South Desk

(713) 215-6948

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