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Contact Williams

General Williams Hotline 1-800-WILLIAMS

Gas Control Center

North Desk (801) 584-6949
South Desk (801) 584-6948

Call Before You Dig

Call 811 811

Commercial Services Management

Mike Rasmuson, Director
Gary Venz, Director

Commercial Services Reps

Jesseca Abbott (713)215-6231
David Allred (713)215-6907
Kyle Depew (918)573-5303
Brad Dillon (801)584-6832
Jason Ellsworth (801)584-6752
Laura Johnson (801)584-6281
Jeramie Kilpack (801)584-6681
Harrison Matherne (713)215-2589
Jon Rowley (801)584-6374
Marty Saldivar (425)836-4991
Marvin Stevens (713)215-7145
Sean Swenson (801)584-6586
Benjamin Zwirek (801)584-7301

Mailing Address for Check Payments

Williams - Northwest Pipeline
ATTN: Treasury Operations
PO Box 2400
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74102

Mailing Address

C/O Williams Gas Pipeline-West
PO Box 58900
Salt Lake City, UT 84158-0900


Northwest Pipeline Scheduling Desk (801)584-7229
Northwest Pipeline Hotline and After-Hour Contact (801)584-7301
Northwest Pipeline General Fax (801)584-6950
Group E-Mail

Business Development

Xan Kotter (801)584-6496